Superyacht Tender specialized Shipyard

MiT Bcn has a team, working approach and facilities dedicated exclusively to super  yachts tenders, in collaboration with the most reputable manufacturers.

Has hangars for storage, cradles for hard standing and engineers specialized in the repair and maintenance of all systems this type of exclusive tenders have installed, and each season completes several full refit projects.

It is official Castoldi Jet Tenders service and cooperates daily with Pascoe Tenders, two of the leading manufacturers of this type of each most important support ships.





3000m2 used for the storage of boats with a maximum length of 35mts.
We will be responsible of caring and doing the maintenance of your boat.
From the moment your boat is storaged in Varadero Barcelona you will be able to enjoy your winter activities.
Thanks to the monthly payment system you will be able to plan the work to be done to your boat.